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The missions of this organization, consists in assisting children all over the world.

This is a Non-Governmental Organisation free from whatever political or national institution.

Therefore, it obtains grants and subsidies from organizations and official institutions, from files presenting these projects.

The funding of these missions comes also from its members and from private donations of people who are sensitized to our missions.


Our partners from 1992 to date Bikers Mutual Insurance Company of France- Emmaüs Limoges- Emmaüs Dordogne- Resto du Cur Dordogne ( a charity set up to provide food for the homeless during the winter)- Persona Grata Multimedia- IVECO sud-ouest-Perigueux and Belves townships-AOM'Direction- CHU Limoges- The teacher Jean-Paul Adenis- Enterprise Max Lafon of Belves - Modern Printing house- Fanlac Printing house- Copedit Editions-Minister of the Cooperation, of the Development and of the French-speaking people

and all our benefactors and friends who are a great support for our missions.









1993: Claude DI MARIO and Jean-Luc PINSAT, gendarmes in Perigueux made up their minds to carry out a travel towards Roumania to establish a friendship link and to bring a substantial help to an orphanage of this country. The journey took place at the beginning of September 1993. They took advantage of that to convoy 750 kg of varied donations which will be dispatched on the spot.

Once back, very moved, Claude DI MARIO, decided to set up an organisation with a humanitarian purpose in keeping with 1901 by-law.

On the 15th October 1993,creation of the organization "SOS ENFANTS ROUMAINS". Statement of the status at the prefecture. Its goal is to help and assist the most disadvantaged people, in this case, the 320 children of the Timisoara orphanage.

1994: First humanitarian convoy to RUMANIA.

- 3 vehicles - 9 people went there- 3 tons of gifts driven to the Timisoara orphanage.

- Particular Achievements : Renovating of a room and building of a bathroom for the children.

Three young underprivileged from the supporting organization in Perigueux (Aquitan, France) were involved in this project,

1995: Second humanitarian convoy to Rumania.

3 vehicles - 8 persons transferred - 5 tons of donations sent to the Timisoara orphanage.

1996 : Third humanitarian convoy in partnership with Emmaus Limoges.

4 vehicles -13 persons transferred- 8 tons of gifts driven sent to the Timisoara orphanage.

1997 : fourth humanitarian convoy to Romania in partnership with Emmaüs Limoges

5 vehicles, 12 persons transported, 8 tons of gifts conveyed to Timisoara's orphanage.

1998 : No convoy to Romania because the president was absent, in mission in haïti working for UNO.

The president has profited by his six months mission in this country to :

- launch a program of assistance for orphans of Jeremie, city where he was working ;

- officially create the fundation "TIMOUN LAKAY" (children's house) ;

- implement an urgent assistance and launch a program to build a care-center for the orphans gathered around Hans MARCELIN, president of the fundation.

Setting of the first stone of this construction the 27 July 1998 by Sir HARSTON, representative of UNO secretary.

1999 : fifth humanitarian convoy to Romania in partnership with Emmaüs Limoges

- 4 vehicles 12 persons transported 8 tons of gifts conveyed.

February 1999, a fornight stay in Haïti for 6 members of the association who have :

- started the construction of the care-center for the children ;

- implemented a program of visual anomalies tracking by the ophtalmologist of the association.

174 persons consulted, 110 equipped with spectacles;

- Detection of lesser and bigger sores which were dealt with. Operation carried out by the pharmacist of the association assist by a young haitian nurse ;

- Supply of 40 kg of medecine for urgent treatment.

September 1999, taking care of all the expenses of transport, accomodation and hospitalisation for RENE Rosemyrtha, a young haitian girl, aged 16,

who underwent a surgical intervention in theUniversitary Hospital Center of Limoges. She was accompanied by a newly qualified nurse.

2000 : sixth humanitarian convoy in partnership with Emmaüs Limoges to Romania

4 vehicles - 10 persons transported - 10 tons of gifts conveyed to Timisoara orphanage.

March 2000, a fortnight stay in Haïti for 4 members of the association who had to :

- Launch again the construction of the building meant to welcome the children of the foundation ;

- Carry on the sight examinations (50 persons consulted, 39 glasses free distributed) ;

- Convey 30 kg of drugs for the H.H.F hospital foundation.

In October, taking care of all the expenses of transport, accomodation and hospitalisationof RENE Rosemyrtha and her accompanist.Rosemyrtha

undrewent a second surgical intervention to remedy an important two eyes strabismus.

2001 : February, a 3weeks journey in Haïti for 3 members of the association who had to :

- Carry on the work of the welcome house for the orphans of the Timoun Lakay fundation ;

- Convey 40 kg of drugs for the H.H.F Foundation Hospital ;

- Implement a sponsorship enabling to feed the foundation orphans and to provide education.

- To continue the eyes' tests (119 people consulted ­ 77 spectacles delivered free of charge).

August : funding of a travel and an operation of the tyroïd gland on a young Haitian at the hospital of Périgueux.


The association : * financed there 2 cataract operations.

* financed a surgical one on a 4 years old child presenting an infection of the lachrymal ducts.

* supplied an urgent food aid in rice pockets form at the center of Montfort (orphanage welcoming 50 children) and at the school canteen of father Lamour.

2003 : April, humanitarian convoy to Morocco in partnership with Emmaüs Périgueux and Limoges, with the logistics of SEM moroccan childhood support ("Support à l'enfance marocaine").

Two trucks of equipment for the disabled (wheelchairs) for Rabat, school stationary from Azerou, Mrit and (office stationery, computers ) for schools of the region of Tarouddant.

2004 : July, humanitarian convoy to Morocco in partnership with "Emmaüs Périgueux", "Mutuelle des Motards" (Bikers Mutual Association), "Héliodore" and "Echange et Partage" (exchange and sharing out) in Boucau and Bayonne.

Equipment donation for disabled people for Rabat.

Taking care of 2 teenagers-teams of the association "Exchange and Sharing out" for Tarouddant for meetings and in order to establish relations and future exchanges with schoolchildren of a mountain village.

Funding of construction equipments of a security wall between the school courtyard of the Ida Ouigilial school group next to Tarouddant and the gully of the "oued" running alongside the school (6 meters high).


Burkina Faso Project: A school, a well

The project is presented by the organization S.O.S. "Enfants du Monde" (Children of the World), in Périgueux whose President, Claude Di Mario,is also the President of "Emmaüs Dordogne".

He is supported by "Pharmaciens sans Frontières Dordogne", President Marc GÉLINEAU.

-Asso-Burkina, the headquarters of which are based in Besançon, President Bruno RICHARD.

By the end of March 2004, we went to Dissiné with mister Oumarou GOMINA, President of Asso-Burkina and mister Pakotogo SOUMAILA, vice-president of the "Croix Rouge" and compere at "l'ERJ" (youth meeting place).

We were received by all the population and their children.

The request is precise and comes from the "imam" who is supported by all the inhabitants.

It concerns the construction :

- of 3 classrooms with canteen, kitchen and shops

- of toilets

- of 3 lodgings for school-teachers

- of a little community clinic

- of the drilling of a well inside the school

A committee of villagers has even been set up to run and better carry out the achievement of the project.



To reduce the important costs in spite of all this project, the "imam" and the village propose an area of 8 hectares which will be cleared.

The population undertakes to gather aggregates and necessary sand for the achievement of the foundations.

The labours which do not necesitate particular skills will be performed by the local manpower (teenagers of the village) who will be paid by the contractor.


In view of getting grants, the achievement of the project should take place in several steps.

By the end of 2004 : achievement of all the foundations of the building where the classroom will be built, as well as the construction of the first classroom.

This first classroom which will enable the youngest children to go to school as soon as it reopens, and will accept adults for evening classes.

In 2005 : achievement of 2 other classrooms, of the office, of the shop and the toilets.

In 2006 : achievement of the school canteen and of the well drilling.

In 2007 : achievement of 3 lodgings with plumbing and showers for school-teachers.

It is obvious that all this could be achieved quicker if the budget is sufficient.


According to our plans, we contacted 2 contractors and asked them to make us a cost research as precise as possible.

The most interesting estimate is the one of mister SANOU SOGO.

The total of the project without the drilling will amount to :

28 967 247,00 "francs CFA" or 44 160 ¤.

We have to count around 4 591 700 "francs CFA" or 7 000 ¤ for the drilling, for the purchase and the construction of the pump.

The supervision of the labours will be carried out :

-permanently by mister Oumarou GOMINA, Ingeneer and President of Asso-Burkina

-punctually by members of associations supporting the project which will often go on the spot.


M. The Departemental General Director of the primary school of Houët province that we have met at our return from Dissiné, assured us of his support and got involved formally to appoint teachers when the classrooms are achieved.


In order to launch the beginning of the building as soon as possible, "SOS ENFANTS DU MONDE", released an amount of money donated by its active members. "Pharmacien sans Frontière" make a donation too.


Africa is a continent which continuously fights against poverty and wars.

It suffers from AIDS havocs, malaria and illiteracy.

But, it's also a continent where many people reject fate, work and start changing these realities. In this context, it is fundamental to unite our forces to bring our support to all those who fight everyday for justice, and their survival.

The Dissiné people request is great and unanimous. Our country overbrims with vital forces ready to get committed in favour of the underprivileged.

Let us unite our forces together, let us provide them with the essantial.

LATEST NEWS dated 18 september 2004

_ The achievement of the "CP1" classroom is partly due to "Pharmacien sans Frontière" forethought and one of its members: Marc Gélineau who has quickly obtained and released ¤2000 for this project, not to mention "SOS enfants du Monde" several members personal involvement.

_ The Minister of Cooperation, of Developlment and of French-speaking nations, with the agreement of the Minister delegate, M. Xavier DARCOS gives a grant as such of the 2004 exercise for this project which is in perfect harmony with the development policy initiated by France,Canada and Belgium for French-speaking African countries.


The Minibus of the Heart for Bobo Dioulasso

Convoy to Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) by roadway or maritime a 17 seats-minibus will be offered to an association in charge of young road disabled.

Before the departure: the 17 seats minibus will be fitted only for 7 seats. The room so released will allow the carrying of 30 wheeled-armchairs and numerous crutches and many school material.

At the arrival in Burkina Faso, this vehicle will be equipped with an access for the wheelchairs and slides will allow these to fix inside.

So prepared, this minibus will be in time 7 persons sit down plus the driver and 4 disabled in wheeledarmchairs.

This way of carrying, as prepared, would allow the addressee association to carry and move the disabled in good condition and cheaply.

The official delivery to a competent authority

As soon as it arrives in Burkina Faso, the minibus will be officially offered to Mister Millogo D.Paul, president of the Red Cross from the province of Houët in Bobo Dioulasso who will have the responsability to affect it to a local competent association, in the presence of the departmental director of the Roadway Safety Association in the province of Houët.


A collective of associations sensitive to the cause of these young Africans injured on the roads : THANKS TO :

- SOS Enfants du Monde for the technical part and the transfer of the vehicle;

- Emmaüs Dordogne for the donating of wheeled-armchairs and material for disabled;

- Les Cars Magnes of Saint Vincent de Connezac donating the minibus;

- Motobikers Mutual Insurance for the coverage of the vehicle and the persons for the distance from Périgueux to Bobo Dioulasso and also a financial participation.


CONTACTS President: Claude Di Mario ­ Vice President: Maurice Melliet ­ Treasurer: Marc Gélineau

Secretary: Ghyslaine Melliet

HEAD OFFICE : 2 rue Paul Mazy 24000 PERIGUEUX tel: 05-53-53-50-50



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